Travel Blogs I Like

My hiking pal Brad (aka Shepherd) from the Pacific Crest Trail  in 2015. Since then Brad has been busy completing the USA hiking triple crown (PCT, AT, CDT), hiking Te Araroa in New Zealand and cycling from Alaska to Argentina… as well as numerous other shorter trips.



David and Peter who I met on the GR20 in Corsica in 2004. Yes it really was that long ago!



Nick, who despite being a cyclist and diver rather than hiker, has to have a mention since we share an office. A pair of Grumps in one room!



John Hayes, who I’ve never met, but whenever I’m looking at new trips his site seems to come up in the search results and provide interesting information.



The Walking Englishman (Mike Brockhurst), whose site is a treasure of resources for British, and other, hikes.