Day 11 (5 hours)

The last day of any hike always seems to take forever. I think it’s the anticipation that the pain will soon stop!

Only 11 miles today.

Today started with a friend visiting for breakfast at 7.00am.

I think he was disappointed that the only thing on offer was granola. He would have preferred bacon (me too!).

The hike was mostly through stunted cork oak forest. Did manage a bit of history for the first time. A ruined convent from 15th century.

Then a final view of the Atlantic before heading to Santiago do Cacem.

The walk had a nasty surprise. The last mile was uphill, and some of it quite steep. The walk finishes at the old castle, resplendent on the top of a hill overlooking the town.

And the obligatory photo of the last (or first) signpost.

For a reasonable sized town Santiago seems a bit lacking in tourist facilities. Not many bars, and only a couple of restaurants, neither if which look too exciting. Sure I will manage!

Today was a two butterfly day, both of which posed reasonably well for their photograph.

New flowers were hard to find. So today’s is a bit plain!

Bus out to Grandola leaves at 8.00am tomorrow, then it’s my 3 euro train to Faro.

Overall I have been impressed by my first trip to Portugal. The weather helped, and people are nice.

Most of it seems to be up for sale though.

One thing I did notice was the lack of teenagers in the country areas. There are very young kids, middle aged parents and not much in between. Oh… and lots of grannies!

Definitely on the list of places to return to. Perhaps Porto region next time.

Will do a summary post shortly….My thoughts/hints on the Rota Vincentina.

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