Day 1 (3 hrs)

Started the day with a Portuguese tart. Please feel free to make up your own jokes!

Then the train to Lagos, and 7 minute dash from the train station to the bus station for the bus to Sagres. Made it with 30 seconds to spare.

Had a quick sandwich in Sagres then a 90 minute walk from town to the lighthouse at Capo do Sao Vicente. The end of the world (well the end of europe).

And also the start of the Rota Vincentina. Obligatory photo of the first signpost….

And then we are off for 90 minutes heading north along the Atlantic coast. Sun was beating down, not a cloud in the sky, but still quite windy…it always is here. Camping spots a bit hard to come by. Ground very rocky and/or spiky plants designed to puncture my mattress. Managed to find a sandy bit in some trees and spent 20 mins clearing all the twigs and spikes. Hopefully I got them all.

Am now under canvas (well ripstop nylon), settled in for the night, somewhere on the way to Vila do Bispo.

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