Day 2 (6 hours)

Howling gale last night, but slept OK. Dark at 7.00pm. Was asleep by 8.00pm, and awake from 1.00am, dozing on and off between howling wind gusts until light at 6.30am.

Leisurely start. Off by 8.00am to Vila do Bispo.

Fairly bleak scenery, interspersed with strange military installations.

Spent an hour in the cafe at Vila do Bispo before facing the heat of the hike to Pedralva. Nicer scenery, even some light woodland offering a bit of shade. Portugal seems to have adopted the standard Red and White blazes to mark the long distance path (very sensibly). Waymarking is very good.

Made it to Pedralva about half three. Camping hard to come by, but someone in the village pointed me back the way I’d come 500m.

They did offer me camping for free or a room with shower and use of a kitchen (saves my gas!) for 20euros.

Guess which one won – also means I can stay up late tonight. Might go for 9.00pm instead of 7.00pm.

The village has a cafe and may or may not have a pizza shop and may or may not have a restaurant. Time to go and find out.

To finish…here’s today’s picture of a flower.

Update – the village has both, but the pizza shop is closed today, so the restaurant it is!

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