Day 6 (7.5 hours)

Thigh chafing has eased. Guess the nappy rash cream works. Will be liberally applying it over the next couple of days.

Today I had a detour to the coast for the final time.

Then back inland and on to the unpronounceable village Odeceixe, to top up on my water for overnight. An extra 2kg/4.5lbs on my back for the rest of the day. A wise decision though. Didn’t get to another decent water stop.

Odeceixe has a rather uninspiring windmill, but they seem very proud if it, so a photo was taken.


Saw some storks (I think?)

Then it was a stroll along lots of road, made good by the amount of wildflowers – including a rather splendid orchid. Photos below.

Today had a real sting in the tail. A 200m/600ft climb near the end of the day. Not what I wanted when carrying my full water supplies. The other side of the hill was brushland. Camping spots definitely in short supply. Had to go an extra 2.5km/1.5miles past my intended end point for the day before finding anywhere remotely usable. Still, it makes tomorrow shorter.

Today’s flowers

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