Day 5 (6 hours)

Pleasant enough hike in the morning, along gravelled farm tracks, and down into Aljezur. A Scottish couple (heading south) that I met a couple of days ago said it had a touch of Royston Vasey about it! From my brief encounter with the town I would have to concur – went into a cafe for a coke and was ignored for 10 minutes. Guess they don’t like tourists.

…..This is a shop for local people…. There’s nothing for you here…. etc, etc.

Architecture was nice enough though.

From Aljezur a stiff, but short, climb out of town and onto a non-descript track. Took the 3 mile detour to visit a beach (and cafe).

Hike along the coast on this detour was nice. Even managed to remember about “wave cut platforms” from my school field trip to Filey all those years ago!

After heading back inland there was just a wide, long, boring track to Rogil and my bed for the night.

Wind had been light all day, but started gusting on the way in. Couple this with passing the village hotel, and the decision was made.

It turned out to be wise. A few medical issues to sort. Have 2 blisters (new boots). Neither of which are a great problem, but the village has a pharmacy, so topped up my supply of plasters.

However, have a bigger problem with chafing. Nice!! I knew the thighs were a bit sore, so had a good check in the hotel room. Not a pretty picture. Bright purple chafes on both thighs, and blood from one of them where the scabs had rubbed off.

Decided to give Brad’s chafing remedy a go.

(, Have a look at the Te Araroa trail gear review in the “Reebok Unpadded Cycle Shorts” section).

However, once I had convinced the pharmacy that was what I wanted, they said they hadn’t got any, so sold me some nappy rash cream instead. Not convinced there are going to be enough drugs in it!

Am now stuffing pizza – and there is enough left for tomorrow lunch – and watching the football. Benfica v Dynamo Zagreb. How civilised!

Longer day tomorrow, and definitely camping (and have an 8 mile water carry). So tonight is the rest and recuperation ready for tomorrow’s trials.

Today’s flower…

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