Day 9 (5 hours)

Took a lot less time than the guide notes suggested. A very pleasant hike. Up from Sao Luis into the forest and then meandering around the hilltops for most of the day. Even managed some views over to the coast!

Today I am out of the National Park, and it shows – forestry is THE business round here. The old forest is being stripped back and replaced by Eucalyptus plantations. The guide notes are not very complimentary about it! But I guess the local population need to make a living.

Day was also made pleasant by having some lunch. Last night’s restaurant rustled up a cured-ham and posh-cheese sandwich, which went down a treat at midday.

And the weather was good. Cool in the morning, warm (but not hot – low 20s) in the afternoon.

Also spotted some more wildlife today. A butterfly that kindly stayed around long enough for a photo.

And a grasshoppery, flying thing, that wasn’t as scary as the photo makes out!

After the forest a couple of rural miles and then after turning a corner I suddenly found myself in Cercal do Alentijo. Nice enough village, but clearly the roundabout in the middle of town is a big thing. The guide notes even describe it as the “mythical roundabout at the entrance to the village”!

Met 2 hikers today. One heading south doing the same route as I’ve done, and another at tonight’s hotel, who is heading to the coast and the Fisherman’s Trail tomorrow.

Today we have 2 flowers. One of them even has a bee on it for scale!

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