Day 3 (7 hours)

Having decent food and a good bed meant I slept really well. Up at 7.00am and off by 8.00am.

The morning was following a pleasant valley. Interesting forest, and some cork trees.

Passed an amusing sign on the way. Don’t think I’ll take them up on the offer – water was a bit murky, but it’s the thought that counts!

Wasn’t overly impressed by Carrapateira, so just a quick snack in the cafe and on to the small village of Bordeira, through the rolling hills.

Bordeira has a much nicer cafe. So topped up on snacks and loaded up with water for tonight’s camp. After a 2.5 hour carry, I found the only flat spot of ground for miles and called it a day at 4.00pm.

Campsite is a derelict farmhouse – for sale if you want a doer-upper.

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