GPX Files for GR5

Kev’s Top Tip

Don’t make all of the .GPX tracks visible on your Garmin at the same time. Pick the one or two relevant to your current location and only make these visible.

With lots of tracks, my Garmin (Oregon) took so long to check the files and load them on power-up (several minutes) that I thought it was broken.


I have spent many hours seeking .GPX files from websites to find the ones that were best for me on my Garmin Oregon GPS. Unfortunately, now I am not sure where all of these GPX files came from!

I renamed most to be better for my trip, which also means I can’t work out where I got them.

A couple of sites I definitely used are

Some stages required me to make my own GPX files. The resource used was

Bikehike is primarily of use for the UK as it allows routes/tracks to be created on UK Ordnance Survey (OS) maps. But it does also allow you to create them on Google maps for other countries. It also has the useful feature of providing a simple way to convert Google KML format to and from GPX – you load the route/track in and then simply save it out in the other format.

The final GPX files I used are below. My route generally follows the GR5, but deviates in the following areas

  • I use my own route via Vlaardingen to avoid using the ferry on day 1.
  • I use a route via the Balcon du Leman, around Lake Geneva to avoid using the ferry from Nyon to Thonon-les-Bains/St Gingolph.
  • I have chosen to follow the GR52 from St Dalmas to finish at Menton, rather than follow the GR5 to finish at Nice.

All of my route plus the GR5 route are:


Part 01 – NL Hook of Holland to Bergen op Zoom

Part 01a – NL via Vlaardingen avoiding ferry

Part 02 – NL BE Bergen to Eben

Part 03 – BE Eben to Ouren

Part 04 – LU Ouren to Sierck les Bains

Part 04a – LU old route (Remerschen to Scy Chazelles)

Part 05a – FR Sierck to Scy Chazelles

Part 05b – FR Scy Chazelles to Vic Sur Seille

Part 06 – FR Vic Sur Seille to Ribeauville

Part 07 – FR Ribeauville to St Hippolyte

Part 08 – FR St Hippolyte to St Cergue

Part 08a – FR alternative route La Cluse et Mijoux

Part 08b – FR alternative route detour to Mouthe

Part 08c – SW St Cergue to Nyon (GR5)

Part 09 – FR St Cergue to Reyvroz (Balcon du Leman)

Part 10 – FR Reyvroz to Les Houches

Part 10a – FR Thonon les Bains to Reyvroz (GR5)

Part 10b – FR St Gingolph to Col de Bise (GR5)

Part 11 – FR Les Houches to Bessans

Part 12 – FR Bessans to Montgenevre

Part 13 – FR Montgenevre to St Dalmas-le-Selvage

Part 14 – FR St Dalmas-le-Selvage to St Dalmas

Part 15 – FR St Dalmas to Menton GR52

Part 15a – FR St Dalmas to Nice (GR5)

Part 16 – FR to Menton centre