GR5 Heroes

HAD A BIT OF A DISASTER AND DELETED MY HEROES 2 and 3. Edited versions follow…

Hero 3 – Moulin de Broukay

Bar that went above and beyond, by letting me camp, giving me a free beer and turning on their heating to let me have a (free) shower.

Hero 2 – Lynsey

Next door neighbour who us looking after my house, and even getting her gardener to give my lawn a trim a couple of times.

Hero 1 – Saint Quentin Chambres d’Hote, Scy-Chazelles

I am sending 2 parcels to myself to collect along the route (or more correctly someone is sending them for me). These resupply drops contain a few home comforts, and NEW SOCKS and most importantly my maps for the next stages.

As the total distance is approximately 1500 miles, I am sending parcels to around the 500 miles mark and the 1000 mile mark

  • Scy-Chazelles just south west of Metz
  • Annemasse south of Lake Geneva

I tried to arrange my first parcel with the Saint Quentin B&B, who were incredibly helpful, despite my appalling French (Google Translate and Bing Translate are your friend!). We determined they may be away around my likely arrival date, but they arranged with their friends in the village for someone to assist me and hold my parcel.

For this Saint Quentin B&B in Scy-Chazelles win my first Hero Award of 2018.
Merci Mathé

St Quentin final

Saint Quentin B&B, Scy-Chazelles