Planning for Resupply

Day 24 – 20.5 miles to Schwebsange

And I bet it’s not easy to find on the map.

Am trying to work out my final few days to resupply on Friday. Tomorrow and the day after are a bit barren.

No shops, no cafes and even very few villages. Main priority is working out where to get water. Need enough to overnight, but don’t want to get it too early, otherwise I have to carry it.

I have a plan (well 2 options) for tomorrow. The short one is a bit too short at 17 miles, the long one is a bit too long at 22 miles. Will decide tomorrow. The weather may play a part. Currently in the tent trying to keep everything away from the walls, as I am in the middle of a thunderstorm. Better not be doing this tomorrow!

Today’s walk started in mist. Quite pleasant – not wet and not cold, but enough to keep the sun at bay for a couple if hours.

After the mist burnt off it was quite a hot day. A lot of this was due to the lack of shade. Only a couple of short forest stages all day. {Bet you didn’t expect to hear me wishing for more forest!}

Mostly open countryside and vineyards following the Moselle valley.

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