What a difference a day makes

Day 28 – 21 miles to Pagny-sur-Moselle

And 2600ft of ascent. Plenty happening along the way today. The arrival of my resupply parcel gave me back some mojo.

That along with the NERO yesterday made for good progress today, even with the now fully loaded pack (a NERO is a short day – a “Nearly zERO” miles).

The replacement boots are better. Although they seem to have a bit less padding under the heel, so glad I didn’t use them on the roads in Holland. But no more smashing of toes on every downhill now.

Just after today’s start we reached the 500 miles.

Weather today was kind – some uphills were in the morning, so cool. For the ones in the afternoon, it clouded over, so not too hot. Then cleared up again afterwards.

Today was the first peril. Dire warnings about a dangerous bridge you aren’t allowed to use.

Scary, hey? When I got there, I think they overdid the peril….

Its a 6ft drop, and you can walk along the planks at the side. Even my fear of heights didn’t come into play on this one!

Also passed a Roman aquaduct.

However, I think they may have overdone the restoration a tad. Brickwork looks brand new.

Another random act of kindness today. A guy was working in his garden, so I targeted him. I sat on his garden wall to finish off my water, the idea being I could then ask him to top up my bottle. He came over, took the bottle from me and declared it was too warm. As a result, out came a couple of glasses of ice cold lemonade, and then he refilled my bottle with chilled mineral water. People are nice!

Again we will finish on a flower today.

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