Trains, trains and more trains

Day 0

Day started with a walk to the train station.

I passed a woman with two children at a bus stop.

One of the kids came out with

“Mam, look how much camping stuff he’s got”

So that’s what it’s come to – hiking advice from a 5 year old. What’s worse is that he is right!

A 7 hour train journey with 4 changes and the underground across London went without a hitch…(well apart from pouring half a cup of coffee down my fleece – I’ll be living with that for the next 12 weeks).

I always find train travel tiring, hopefully will get some sleep on the overnight boat to Hook of Holland.

The plan is the boat arrives 8.00am Europe time tomorrow, then its straight off the boat and head south until I run out of Europe.

The fleece/down dilemma has been solved. The fleece won. I was heading into the trap of taking the down just because it cost a lot more than the fleece – I think there may be some rain on this trip. Fleece is far better and easier to look after in the wet.

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