Not a great start to May

Day 3 – 17 miles to 3m past Rockanje

Although the rain stopped at 4.30pm yesterday it restarted at 9.00pm, along with howling, gusty winds. No sleep at all last night. It was like being inside a drum with the rain beating down.

At 5.00am I was considering making the day a washout, and staying put. However about 6.30 it got a bit brighter, so I decided to get up.

Cold wind, but it eased during the day and the sun came out a bit. Managed 17 miles on no sleep. However nowhere to camp – all nature reserve with big red signs of all the things you can’t do (like camp).

Hid in the corner if a field. Got the tent out and the main pole was broken – there are inserts to hold the sections of pole together and one has completely disappeared. Luckily had enough bits and pieces to bodge something together. But not going to last 12 weeks.

Some harsh words are needed with MSR – pole lasted 3 days. We will see how keen they are to post me out a replacement.

2 thoughts on “Not a great start to May

  1. David Thornley

    Wow! Shame about all that bad weather! Glad it is improving. And to cheer you up even more, the mighty reds are through to the Champions’ League Final.

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