Day 2 – 17 miles to Brielle

Well the weather forecast was completely wrong. It claimed rain would clear overnight, be OK during the day then be really heavy from 4.00pm onwards.

Instead it rained all day, occasionally slowing to merely torrential. At 4.30pm it stopped. Dutch rain is just as wet and cold as UK rain.

2 miles from Brielle it was so bad someone walking their dog took pity and offered me a lift and to tip hot coffee into me. I refused (too early for cheating), but I was very tempted.

Rolled into a campsite around 5.00pm. They fed me chocolates at reception to keep me going! After setting camp it was off to the campsite restaurant where I am now slowly drying out.

Their cook is off sick, so they weren’t open. But given my dishevelled state they let me in and rustled up a chicken burger and chips.

Everyone is very helpful!

Ironically the driest I’ve been all day was under the river – in the tunnel (my route across the river instead of using the ferry yesterday).

One thought on “Rain

  1. Nick Fitzgerald

    Hope the rain hasn’t dampened your enthusiasm too much – type 1.5 fun still ? Could be worse – you could be sitting at work ! Despite the rain I’m still envious – enjoy…

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