A Day of Achievements

Day 6 – 19.5 miles to east of Huijbergen

Today the tarmac finally relented a bit. A few miles of it to get through Bergen op Zoom, but the rest was mostly farm tracks.

A few sights today. Such as Fort de Roovere, from the 1600s. But a bit too big to view. I think you need a helicopter!

Also saw my first “How far to Nice” signpost. Quite a long way… and even further using my route.

The route is marked with white-over-red blazes, as on the signpost above. However other routes also use this marking. The best signpost I’ve seen in a while…

Take your pick from the six!

Didn’t intend quite so far today, but camping spots were hard to find. Was just about ready to camp on the farm track when a footpath veered off along a nice mown grass path. Home found for the night.

Today’s achievements

  1. Passed 100 miles;
  2. Finished guide book 1;
  3. Reached Belgium.

Here’s the border post

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