Belgium Begins

Day 7 – 17.5 miles to 3 miles before Brecht

Another day, another MSR tent pole repair. Same issue as before, but on 2 other sections. Of course the tent is the last thing to be packed, so had to unpack everything to get to the glue. Half an hour wasted unpacking, fixing and repacking.

Morning’s walk was very nice – a wooded area with some scrubland, some marsh and a lake. And a nice sandy footpath.

However after a couple of hours it was back onto the tarmac roads and cycle tracks. Not quite as full on tarmac as Holland, there are occasional paths.

Wasn’t going too well today. Felt a bit lethargic. Possibly the heat (mid 20s). So it was a long slow day. Had only done 17.5 miles by 6.00pm, but had enough by then, and an ideal camp area appeared – in an orchard with nice mown grass strips between the rows of trees.

Managed to get some real hiker food for tea tonight. Cold pizza courtesy of Lidl. Can’t be beaten!

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