Another Sweaty Day

Day 11 – 18 miles to Viversel

Didn’t sleep well. Not sure why. Camp packed and hiking by 7.00am.

Probably worrying about being moved on, since I had camped most inconsiderately!

The only place I could find was a 4ft wide strip of grass right opposite someone’s drive.

Although today claimed it would be a bit cooler, it seemed just as hot in the sun. Thankfully quite a lot of shade today.

Still seemed hard work. Signposting wasn’t great so probably wasted the best part if an hour on false trails. The route is marked “this way” with a red bar under a white bar. However a cross with 1 line red and the other line white means ” not this way”. The best one today was a “this way” marker which led to a T-junction. At the T, both alternatives were marked “not this way”. Took a bit of trial and error to find the route.

Wildlife count today was 1 deer, and it was very shabby, but had to have its photo taken

At 2.30pm I was in the supermarket. Felt very unmotivated for the final 5 miles, but pushed on. This final stage of the day was very industrial – requiring crossing the motorway and an industrial estate.

Got to Viversel and usual camping problems. Eventually snuck in a field at the end of some gardens. However, before I’d finished setting up someone was peering over their garden fence. Made a dash to the bar in town so they couldn’t come and move me on!

To make up for the shabby deer and the industrial estate, here’s a photo of some rhodedendrons

Update… Couple if things I forgot

  • Met a plumber who asked where I am going. When I said “Nice” he said “so the GR5”. First person who’s heard of it.
  • After all my efforts today I am further from the finish! Today was approx 12 miles east and 2 miles north.

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