Day 10 – 18 miles to near Diest

Was not firing on all cylinders today. Very hot again. And today I had the joy of mosquitos. I hate them, they hate me.

They were hunting alone today, so I managed to swat away a lot of them. But a few got through, mainly on the back of my arms, where they can sneak in, do their business and escape. Found some repellent in a shop at lunchtime. Seemed to work going through the swampy wood the next hour. I’ve used most types of repellent and none of them work very well (even DEET). This was a new one for me … based on menthol!

Was so hot I had to knock on doors twice to beg for water! Arms are now glowing from catching the sun.

Today’s walk was much like yesterday, but today we did meet some hills. Not big ones, but any hill will do after a week of dead flat.

Honest it is a bit of a hill!

Other highlights…a castle. I think they made their money in the watermelon trade😀.

And a moorhen building its home.

Made it into Diest tonight for a well earned McD’s. Sometimes only a grease burger will do. Today is one of those days.

25 mins walk now back to the tent.

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