Here Come the Hills

Day 16 – 18 miles to La Reid

Because my air mattress was wet last night (see yesterday), I couldn’t lay the sleeping bag out to air, so at bedtime, still had a damp mat and a damp sleeping bag.

And it was cold last night. Took until midnight for body heat to warm the bag up to a reasonable temperature. So not the best night’s sleep. Mat survived the night, so it may have been my previous repair????

Today we had interesting weather and interesting topography.

First the weather. Started in cloud even though only 300ft above sea level.

During the day it cleared to just be misty.

Then after I’d arrived the sun came out. La Reid…

As it had rained/been misty for 2 days all the plants were soaking wet. Unfortunately, they don’t give you a lot of space between barbed wire and hedges

Result = very wet feet as the water brushes off the plants onto your legs and runs into your boots. My feet were pickled by the end of the day.

Topography. Over the last couple of days the rolling hills got steeper and the valleys deeper. But this afternoon there was a 600ft climb, and it didn’t go back down. And the hills became gently rolling again, but with the base level 600ft higher. Well I thought it was interesting!

My plan today was to stop at a Gites in La Reid to dry out, wash my sweaty clothes, visit the restaurant and prepare for tomorrow. It’s 2000ft of climb tomorrow. Not huge, but the first “big”ish climb.

Got to La Reid, and no sign of a Gites and the restaurant doesn’t open on Mondays! Was about to accept I would have to plod on and find somewhere to camp, when I saw a sign – Chambres d’Hotes ( B&B).

So now I’m washed, so are my clothes. I’ve been fed – only cook in the plastic lasagne, but they don’t generally do food (infinitely better than what is in my rucksack), and they have dried my tent. More amazing hospitality from Belgium!

Escapades B&B, La Reid

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