Nice Day in the Sun

Day 17 – 17 miles to Stavelot

Plus another 3/4 mile to the campsite.

Not a long distance day – after Stavelot it’s uphill and forest, so no likely camping spots.

Day started cloudy, but the sun broke through about 10.00am. A mixed day of deciduous forest, conifer forest, bog and fields. With the town of Spa thrown in.

Although a lot of forest, quite a bit was on footpaths which makes it nicer, requiring a bit of concentration. Helps the time pass faster.

Some bits very boggy. I thought it would be mosquito heaven (or hell), but none to be seen. Long may it continue!

Went through an area called “Fagne” which I think is a generic term for the boggy bit on the top of a hill, where nothing grows.

There was an RAF/RCAF memorial for a plane that didn’t make it back in 1944. Pretty inhospitable place to crash.

Also today we had the joys of Spa. Very touristy, not my thing. No photos worth sharing! And I got wound up trying to get cash from ING Bank. Took 25 minutes.

Despite my best efforts the closest I got to finding the Grand Prix circuit was a road sign, and that had been painted over.

Feet are still sore!

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