Next Stop Luxemburg

Day 18 – 19 miles to Braunlauf

Plus 3/4 mile back from last night’s campsite and plus 1/2 mile backtracking after missing an unmarked turn (had to include this to make it a 20+ mile day).

Finally met some other hikers. A couple doing a 5 day stretch on the GR5, finishing today. Nice to talk to someone who knows what the GR5 is.

Scenery is back to rolling hills, but again the base has been raised. Now valley base level is about 1000ft.

Made good progress today. Arrived at Braunlauf at 5.00pm.

Will reach Luxemburg tomorrow. Interestingly, everything has stopped being French. Now everyone speaks German and the town/street names are all German.

Succumbed to a B&B. And it was a good idea. Apart from the fact it’s now raining {update – a thunderstorm has now started, it’s hammering down, lightning, the works}, I spent the evening sorting the route to my equipment resupply near Metz. There is a shop tomorrow (Thursday), then the next one is Sunday – so will be shut, then the next one is Monday – so will be shut for a national holiday.

So need to stock up tomorrow for Thursday to Monday inclusive. Means a heavy pack, but it’s better than having no food! Good job I spent the time checking.

A couple of other things today.

1) I have no idea what this is about

2) Here’s one for the H&S department

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