Luxemburg is not flat

Day 20 – 18.5 miles to past Vianden

My calculation of ascent yesterday was not right. I had double accounted for one hill, so the real summary is 18.5 miles and 3200ft of up.

The main thing to note is that 18.5 miles + 3200ft is PLENTY. Am exhausted tonight. However, the good news is that the campsite is next door to a restaurant. And it’s open. And it takes plastic (a rarity finding anywhere that accepts anything other than cash). Result is I am having an extra beer and a pudding. That’s how hard today has been.

And of course eating in the restaurant means the weight of food in my rucksack doesn’t reduce, so lugging too much food again tomorrow!

Not flat…

The problem is the path is trying to follow the River Our. So does the main road (not that busy!). The result is that every opportunity it gets the path goes straight up the side of the valley to avoid the road, traverses half a mile, then descends back to the river. Each “up” is only 300ft – 800ft, but it makes for hard work. Especially knowing it is pointless ascent.

Met a Canadian couple today (several times). They are on the same route, although they finish at Metz. They walk a lot faster than me, since they are not carrying tent, sleeping bags, cookware etc, but take lots of breaks. Result is we keeping passing each other.

The day finished with a view of Vianden castle. Most impressive.

Tomorrow is another 3000ft of up. There is a campsite at 18 miles, then nothing until 21.5 miles. Guess it will be 18 miles. This is not helping with my need for 19 mile days to get to my resupply on Friday.

2 thoughts on “Luxemburg is not flat

  1. John Freeman

    Kevin – Charlie and I are following your trek with great interest. You have not changed a bit since we met on the John Muir trail some 10 years ago… you thrive on adversity and challenge! Thanks for the narrative and pictures. We continue to follow your adventure with great interest.

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