A Good Day Turns Bad

Day 21 – 21.5 miles to Bollendorth

…but then turns out alright.
Another day of 3200ft of up, but today the inclines were less steep allowing me to get into a pace, so I was a lot less tired.

Not sure if it was the extra beer or the pudding last night, but I was flying along today. Wanted to get to the 21.5 mile mark, but didn’t seriously expect to.

The topography changed today. I left the River Our and the valleys became a lot wider – much less of the steep sided valleys of yesterday. Returned to the same road by the end of the day, but now the river is the River Sure.

Less steep hills made the going much easier. So I got to my desired stopping point, where there is a campsite shown in the guide. There is. I could stand by the side of the road and look at it 50ft away. The other side of the 30ft wide River Sure. The nearest bridge is 1.5 miles, so to camp I have to walk 1.5 miles to the bridge, 1.5 miles back to the campsite, then repeat in reverse in the morning. My long day appears to be for naught.

There was a hotel at my desired end point, so I gave it a try. The manageress took one look at me and lied that they were full. Her loss.
Walked to the bridge and saw another hotel. Have gone for it. Perfectly adequate, and did some decent home cooking for dinner. Nothing fancy but tasty and filling. Just what I like.

And because I leave early in the morning they are doing me a sandwich instead if breakfast.

The result is that I have done 23 miles, and “only” made a net gain of 20 miles, as I will have to waste 1.5 miles returning to the trail tomorrow.

Other interest on today’s walk…there was a pleasant path down through a wooded glade

And another day, another castle. This one needs a bit more work though. Beaufort Castle

To get to my resupply have to do 112 miles in 6 days. Looking more do-able now, but who knows (weather, hills etc)?

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