Day 32 – 20 miles to ??

Dead flat all day. To make a change, almost no forest. However, no difference in the damp sleeping arrangements.

Managed to dry the bag and tent a bit last night. This morning back to normal – damp sleeping bag, sodden tent.

Found the walk was hard today – monotonous, flat. Not much forest, instead lots of wet, thigh high grass in the morning, and miles of tarmac afterwards.

With the grass my boots were again filled and became paddling pools. Feet have not been dry for 3 days now.

To top things off, saw a road sign. Said Metz 51km. So that’s about 30 miles. After over 85 miles of trail. It’s not like they’ve taken us to see the delights of Lorraine. Just farm tracks, forest and roads.

Not a good day. I feel like my “spork” (which is now a spoon only) – broken.

At least it didn’t rain today.

For those of a nervous disposition, look away now.

Here’s what my feet look like after 3 days of wet. Trench Foot here we come.

Left foot is starting to split between big toe and sole. And it is sore!

(and the heel still twinges, despite the replacement boots)

And am in the middle of nowhere, so no pain relieving beer tonight.

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