Sun, Sun, Sun

Day 8 – 18.5 miles to near Pulderbos

That was a hot day. May have touched 30 deg C, was certainly high 20s. But it’s still better than rain!

When it’s hot you can plan your day around it. Start early, take it easy during the hottest hours and finish later. Although with decent camping spots hard to come by, intending to finish later may not be wise. I’m going for the start early (on the trail about 7.00am), slow down in the middle and start looking for a home for the night about 5.00pm.

Possibility of a youth hostel tomorrow. I would prefer to camp, but will see if they let me use their shower!

Today much like yesterday. Plenty of fields, plenty of woods and plenty of tarmac. So instead of another picture of a field/wood, here’s a daisy.

Did see a couple of interesting things – a Trappist Monastery (you would not want to live next door – they do like their bells) and the Dessel Canal

Finally for today we have a quiz.

Why would anyone want to grow a crop of mature hedge? This was just in the middle of a field

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