Much of Interest

Day 9 – 18.5 miles to Westerlo

A very varied day. The usual mix of forest and field / track and tarmac, but quite a lot to look at.

A few mosquito bites to start the day when striking camp. Got one on my big toe (how?) and its been itching all day.

The day started on the hunt for the watermelon.

I thought it must be something to do with the great Belgian watermelon empire? It turned out that “watermolen” is a watermill.

Following this a nice meandering path alongside the river Kleine Nete. A flowing river. There must be a hill somewhere near? Still looks pretty flat to me.

After this we had the old and new windmills

And then the magnificent lock on the Albert Canal.

Then into the town of Herentals, which was very pleasant.

Was not as hot as yesterday, but I was flagging by 2.00pm. Eventually made it to Westerlo at 5.00pm. £20 to stop at the youth hostel. How could I refuse?

Got a room to myself, and had done my washing and showered by 6.00pm. Even better the youth hostel is attached to a bar. Very good planning. A couple of cheeky beers are making my feet hurt a lot less!

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